17 Random Things About Me

First of all, I would like to thank and bless all my subscribers. This post is my way of commemorating the actualisation of my goal of reaching 1k Subscribers. You guys are amazing and I will continue to strive my best to keep you entertained and amused with more content.

That being said, indulge my vanity for a bit and let’s get to know more about me!


1. I’M ADDICTED TO THE COLOUR BLACK. Even as I sit here typing this, I’m wearing black. It’s an illness, I know, but I refuse to change. Doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s black, I want it.

2. LACTOSE INTOLERANT. Still doesn’t stop me from baptising my cereal with milk #ifwediewedie

3. AFRAID OF THE DARK. For the night is long & full of terrors. Personally I blame Scooby Doo. Those really old episodes with the creepy as F ghosts really messed up my childhood.

4. HATE BEES AND FEAR ALL FLYING THINGS. Bees just always seem to gravitate towards my posterior and I guard my posterior the same way I guard my meat: Fiercely. With birds, especially pigeons, I hate how they follow people. Flapping around your face and what-not. Oyibo birds anyway. African birds have the fear of God instilled in them. One does not follow a plucker unless you want to get plucked.

5. LOVE TO MEMORISE & RECITE MOVIE SCENES. My movie favourite scene till date is the ‘Cool Girl’ monologue from Gone Girl……I appreciate a good psychopath. I used to recite lines so much when I was younger that people thought I was communing with spirits.

6. PRACTICE BOLLYWOOD DANCES. It’s kinda funny, because I hardly watch the movies, but I will painstakingly search out the dance routines on YouTube just to learn them. Shoutout to Chammak Challo.

7. CLAUSTROPHOBIC. Mental images of me getting stuck in tight skirts and tube dresses *shudders* Curvy girls, we’ve suffered.

8. CRYBABY. Huge crybaby, but I guess I’ve gotten better at hiding it. I care a lot & can be very sensitive sometimes. Hugs and cuddles are a must.

9. HATE CONFRONTATIONS & ARGUMENTS. Raising your voice or being aggressive in a discussion only encourages me to shut you out. It doesn’t help anyone or anything and it’s just messy.

10. HATE BEING THE CENTRE OF ATTENTION. My shy nature will not permit me to flaunt my awesomeness. However, I love being noticed. The irony.

11. SCARY FACE. This one always makes me laugh. When people initially meet me, most of them say that the straight, almost scary face I make puts them off. Then they get to know me and find out that my personality is the complete opposite.

12. NEVER DONE A SOMERSAULT IN MY LIFE. Not with these hips hun. I was quite content with wriggling about on the floor like an earthworm in salt when I was a child. Much more fun and much less harmful.

13. STILL WATCH OLD CARTOONS. Ahhh the classics: The Flintstones, Wacky Races, Josie & The Pussycats, Dick Dastardly & Muttley……..I could go on. Legends Never Die.

14. NEVER WATCHED THE FIFTY SHADES OF GREY TRILOGY. Quite frankly, I don’t have the time nor the morale needed for such a feat. I have better things to do with my data. The only reason I would consider watching it would be to write a funny review on it……..Hmmm……Future post pending.

15. DISLIKE CHOCOLATE-BASED SNACKS. Again, Ironic, given that I love Chocolate Bars and Chocolate coated Biscuits. But you see Chocolate Cakes? Chocolate Milkshakes? Chocolate Cookies? Hate ’em.

16. CAN’T WATCH THE ANIMATED LION KING TO THIS DAY WITHOUT CRYING. I managed to get over Jack’s death in Titanic, but Mufasa will always have a special place in my heart. If you didn’t cry during his death scene, please proceed to the nearest psychiatric clinic. WITH HASTE.

17. PICKY WITH FOOD. My taste is simplistic in nature. To give you an example, the only veggies I eat are Lettuce, Carrots & Garden Eggs. And not even together in a salad. SEPARATELY.


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