17 Commom Excuses People Make

We all have excuses for everything. So what would you say is your go-to excuse? Take your pick from the list below or feel free to leave a comment about the ones you think I missed.

1. ‘I can’t do that. It’s against my faith

2. ‘I’m on my period’

3. ‘I never saw your text/call. It’s probably network’


4. ‘So sorry, my phone battery died’

5. ‘I was so busy that I forgot’

6. ‘I’m not feeling well’

7. ‘I’m busy/I’m at work

8. ‘My car broke down’

9. ‘I have to babysit/take care of my *insert family member here*

10. ‘Sorry, I’ve got another appointment today’

11. ‘I’m not in town/I travelled’

12. ‘I was so tired that I overslept’

13. ‘Sorry I’m late. Traffic was mad’

14. ‘My friend needs me in this difficult time’

15. ‘There’s a family emergency’

16. ‘I’m at a funeral’


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