Our lovely government is trying to take our youths on yet another ride. Dressing a monkey in a clothes doesn’t make it human. Trying to rebrand SARS as SWAT isn’t fooling anyone. Tackle the root of the problem. Properly educate and train officers. Pay them an adequate salary promptly and on time in order to reduce their impulse of extorting people for money. And most of all, set heavy penalties in place for anyone who would dare to use violence on a Nigerian citizen.

I sign off with these words from Thomas Paine: The Duty Of A Patriot Is To Protect His/Her Country From Its Government.

Awkward Situations We’ve All Experienced

1. WHEN YOU’RE WATCHING A MOVIE WITH YOUR PARENTS & A LOVE SCENE COMES ON. I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.

2. WHEN IT’S ALL QUIET IN A CROWDED ROOM & YOUR STOMACH DECIDES TO START GROWLING. Personally I find that a quick punch to the gut solves this problem

3. WAVING AT SOMEONE YOU THOUGHT WAS WAVING AT YOU, BUT IT TURNS OUT THEY WERE WAVING AT THE PERSON BEHIND YOU. Pretend like you never waved in the 1st place. Dignity restored.

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Disney Princesses &Their Quirks

To qualify as a Disney Princess, there are some requirements that would need to be met. The ability to sing on que, to talk to animals, to be fashionably well kept at all times & to hunt for a man *cough* I mean, to find your one true love aka your prince charming. I think there are about 15 Disney Princesses in total, but I’m only going to touch briefly on a few of my favourites.

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Bible Verses & Humour

Ever come across a particular verse while reading your Bible that tickled your funny bone? Sometimes not in a ‘HA HA‘ kind of way, but in a ‘Lol, didn’t expect that‘ sort. Here are a few of my all time favourites.

1. Deuteronomy 25:11-12 – ‘If 2 men are fighting & the wife of one of them comes to his rescue by seizing the private parts of his opponent, cut off her hand and show her no mercy’. Sounds a bit harsh, but I guess a male’s genitals were a lot more sacred back then. Why cut it off though? So she wouldn’t be tempted to recount the graphic details of said genitals to the other females in the camp?

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Types Of People You Met In Secondary School

You know sometimes a bit of nostalgia hits and I start reminiscing about the time I spent in secondary school. I could even go as far as saying that I miss the good old days. Things seemed simpler back then. But as with all things, reality hits and you also start to remember the weird experiences you had and the interesting people you met. Honestly, I don’t know how we all survived at all. So, I thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane to remind ourselves of the various characters we came across in secondary school.

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