Women: What We Say Vs What We Really Mean

1. LESSON One (A true classic, if I do say so myself)

  • What We Say: ‘It’s Fine
  • What We Really Mean: It’s not fine o. Don’t let this my calm voice deceive you. We must have a long conversation about this matter. And don’t start asking me JAMB questions about what you did. You should already know.


  • What We Say: ‘I’m Not Hungry’
  • What We Really Mean: I’m not hungry AT THE MOMENT, but I may be hungry later on, so I wouldn’t say no to your offer. However, I don’t want to seem like a pig, so I’ll hold myself.


  • What We Say: ‘I Don’t Care’
  • What We Really Mean: I care. I really, really, really do care. It’s very significant & and I’ll be thinking about it throughout the day.


  • What We Say: ‘What? / Eh?’
  • What We Really Mean: No, I heard you the first time, but talk am again if you get liver. I’m giving you a wonderful opportunity to retract your statement.


  • What We Say: ‘I Just Want A Guy With A Great Personality’
  • What We Really Mean: I just want a nice looking, sweet, funny and financially stable guy who also happens to have a great personality.


  • What We Say: ‘I’m Almost Ready’
  • What We Really Mean: Still in my PJs. Give me an hour to gather up any morale I possess to start getting ready. One must never rush perfection.


  • What We Say: ‘I Don’t Really Feel Like Going Out’
  • What We Really Mean: If you think I’m leaving my warm bed, snacks and Netflix, after putting on my hair net, to go trapezing about on these streets, you must be seriously delusional.


  • What We Say: ‘I Like Him, But………’
  • What We Really Mean: Nope, not into him. Don’t like him, might never like him, but let’s be polite about it.


  • What We Say: ‘He’s A Nice Guy’
  • What We Really Mean: I don’t know how I feel about him yet, so I’m going to use the most neutral adjective possible to describe him for the mean time.

10. LESSON 10

  • What We Say: ‘I Have Nothing To Wear’
  • What We Really Mean: Nothing fits me or looks good on me/There’re so many choices that it’s overwhelming/ I have nothing new or interesting to wear.

11. LESSON 11

  • What We Say: ‘Yes’
  • What We Really Mean: Yes, but possibly No, but it could somehow turn into a Yes later on…….On second thought, No. Let’s go with No.

12. LESSON 12

  • What We Say: ‘She’s alright, but…..’
  • What We Really Mean: I dislike her immensely. Let me now list the reasons why.

13. LESSON 13

  • What We Say: ‘Do Whatever You Want’
  • What We Really Mean: You should know me better by now. But please, by all means, go ahead. Whatever you see, collect.


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