How Much Of A Rascal Are You?

Each and everyone of us has indulged in one form of rascality or the other. Still denying it? I thought you would, so I took the liberty of coming up with a list to prove you wrong. Shall we begin?

Give yourself a point if you’ve ever:

1. Pretended you didn’t see someone so you wouldn’t have to talk to them

2. Stuck chewing gum under a table (or on any surface. You’re not getting away that easily)

3. Taken an embarrassing picture of a family member or friend without their knowledge

4. Randomly cussed someone out in traffic for no reason

5. Peed in a pool (Alternatively, if you’ve also peed in the shower, give yourself a point my friend)

6. Eaten someone’s food without permission

7. Left the toilet paper roll empty after using a toilet

8. Disturbed the peace by playing loud, obnoxious music

9. Refused to turn off your phone before & during a flight

10. Spat in the middle of a sidewalk

11. Littered (Even when a trashcan was literally 2 metres in front of you)

12. Ignored texts and calls, then lied that you never saw them

13. Opened a product in a store, dropped it back & picked up a brand new unopened one to buy

14. Used up all the hot water for your shower

15. Made a mess of a restaurant table after eating (For those of you that like to play with the ketchup & salt, gather here for deliverance)

Alright, let’s see how well you did:

1 – 5 POINTS: You’re in denial. Stop lying my friend.

6 – 10 POINTS: You’re about to graduate with a 1st Class Degree in Rascality.

11 – 15 POINTS: On behalf of everyone you’ve ever rascalized, chop beating.

Take a vote and let us know your scores!



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4 thoughts on “How Much Of A Rascal Are You?

  1. I got five and I am definitely not lying, how dare you accuse me of such undignified act!
    I really did get 5 though, guess I’m an angel 😌
    Would’ve been 3 but you just had to include number 3 and 12 πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
    I do no 3 to my brothers and friends all the time, no regrets, gotta have lots of blackmailable pictures 😌
    No 12 is also something I do A LOT. I’m extremely lazy when it comes to socializing and calls are just unnecessary stress abeg. Just text me and I’ll reply in 5 days or 20s depending on my mood 🀧

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m at 5πŸ˜‚ and 1 is really a criteria sometimes. I’m not ready for unnecessary conversations.

    10 and 11, so ghetto. Can’t be me πŸ˜‚

    I enjoyed reading your blogπŸ₯°. I plan to binge read soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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