6 Signs That You’re A Shopaholic

1. ANYTHING TRIGGERS YOUR SHOPPING INSTINCT. Heartbreak, going to a new restaurant, even funerals, it doesn’t matter; you need a new outfit for every occasion. I daresay you value your purchases a lot more than you value the people around you. Who needs wholesome relationships? A relationship can’t keep you dry during a rainy day the way a Chanel umbrella would. Priorities.

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The 4 Stages Of A Cash Crunch

Hi everyone. Lord it’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? Haven’t really posted anything in a week, due in part personal tragedies and the like. But as with life, we have to push forward and what better cure for sorrow than comedy, am I right?

How are you all? Feeling a bit low on cash? Don’t worry, these are dark times we find ourselves in. Everything is going to hell. Elevated fuel & food prices, riots & protests putting businesses at risk and so on. It’s no wonder our finances are taking hits left, right and center. I understand. But everyone’s problems have different levels. Some people might be feeling the pinch a lot more than others would. Even still, we all have to go through the same 4 stages.

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