Women: What We Say Vs What We Really Mean

1. LESSON One (A true classic, if I do say so myself)

  • What We Say: ‘It’s Fine
  • What We Really Mean: It’s not fine o. Don’t let this my calm voice deceive you. We must have a long conversation about this matter. And don’t start asking me JAMB questions about what you did. You should already know.


  • What We Say: ‘I’m Not Hungry’
  • What We Really Mean: I’m not hungry AT THE MOMENT, but I may be hungry later on, so I wouldn’t say no to your offer. However, I don’t want to seem like a pig, so I’ll hold myself.
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6 Signs That You’re A Shopaholic

1. ANYTHING TRIGGERS YOUR SHOPPING INSTINCT. Heartbreak, going to a new restaurant, even funerals, it doesn’t matter; you need a new outfit for every occasion. I daresay you value your purchases a lot more than you value the people around you. Who needs wholesome relationships? A relationship can’t keep you dry during a rainy day the way a Chanel umbrella would. Priorities.

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The 4 Stages Of A Cash Crunch

Hi everyone. Lord it’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? Haven’t really posted anything in a week, due in part personal tragedies and the like. But as with life, we have to push forward and what better cure for sorrow than comedy, am I right?

How are you all? Feeling a bit low on cash? Don’t worry, these are dark times we find ourselves in. Everything is going to hell. Elevated fuel & food prices, riots & protests putting businesses at risk and so on. It’s no wonder our finances are taking hits left, right and center. I understand. But everyone’s problems have different levels. Some people might be feeling the pinch a lot more than others would. Even still, we all have to go through the same 4 stages.

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Types Of People You Met In Secondary School

You know sometimes a bit of nostalgia hits and I start reminiscing about the time I spent in secondary school. I could even go as far as saying that I miss the good old days. Things seemed simpler back then. But as with all things, reality hits and you also start to remember the weird experiences you had and the interesting people you met. Honestly, I don’t know how we all survived at all. So, I thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane to remind ourselves of the various characters we came across in secondary school.

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Top 10 Worst Break Up Lines

1. ‘IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU’. Yei, my heart. No, I’m 80% sure it’s you. In fact, it’s not me that’ll punish you. My God will judge you.

2. ‘I WISH WE COULD ALWAYS BE TOGETHER’. I don’t understand. Are we not together already? Did we split up without me knowing? You cunning psycho.

3 ‘YOU’RE NOT MY TYPE’. Why did you date me then? Was I just a typographical error to you? The audacity. Darling let me just say, your protruding forehead isn’t desirable to anyone.

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7 Things People Who Went To A Nigerian Boarding School Will Understand

Expect a total lifestyle change when you attend Nigerian Boarding Schools. They have a way of promoting a primal, almost savage nature in students. I never went to one, but luckily I have a lot of friends who did & they were kind enough to feed me enough stories that I was able to narrow down this list to 7 fine points.

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