My Top 4 Worst Movies Of 2020

Each and everyone of us has that particular movie that we just love to hate. In my case, I’ve got four; all wonderfully bad, downright laughable and an utter waste of time (I still recommend you watch them though. They’re amusing at best). Because I’m such a wonderful person (No I’m not. I simply refuse to suffer through these alone. I wasted precious data and hours of my life that I will never get back), you all will be subjected to short rants outlining my qualms about each movie. Let’s begin.

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A Movie Review: Mulan 2020 (The Live Action)

This will be my 1st review and I would like to thank my friend Chuka for suggesting the idea. Honestly, as a child, I loved the 1998 Disney animated version of Mulan. I can still recite the whole movie from top to bottom. I loved the songs, the work they put in behind the scenes, the actors & the characters. And most of all, I loved the moral of the story: No Matter Who Or What You Are, You Can Achieve A Lot With Hardwork, Dedication & Love. The 2020 version had NONE of this. They changed so much in an attempt to placate one target audience that they ended up losing the attention of a lot others. I was going to do a scene by scene breakdown initially, but I changed my mind because of 2 reasons:

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