StoryTime: A Party To Remember

So I wanted to try something new today. I thought it would be interesting to dedicate my Friday posts to a little segment I would like to call Story Time. This would be a section of my blog where I would relate the most random of experiences, both funny and otherwise, fictional or realistic. Part of the fun for you as a reader would be to decide, at the end of each story, whether it’s the truth or an elaborate lie.


That being said, Let’s Begin!

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6 Signs That You’re A Shopaholic

1. ANYTHING TRIGGERS YOUR SHOPPING INSTINCT. Heartbreak, going to a new restaurant, even funerals, it doesn’t matter; you need a new outfit for every occasion. I daresay you value your purchases a lot more than you value the people around you. Who needs wholesome relationships? A relationship can’t keep you dry during a rainy day the way a Chanel umbrella would. Priorities.

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The 4 Stages Of A Cash Crunch

Hi everyone. Lord it’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? Haven’t really posted anything in a week, due in part personal tragedies and the like. But as with life, we have to push forward and what better cure for sorrow than comedy, am I right?

How are you all? Feeling a bit low on cash? Don’t worry, these are dark times we find ourselves in. Everything is going to hell. Elevated fuel & food prices, riots & protests putting businesses at risk and so on. It’s no wonder our finances are taking hits left, right and center. I understand. But everyone’s problems have different levels. Some people might be feeling the pinch a lot more than others would. Even still, we all have to go through the same 4 stages.

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2K Subscribers!!!

The Jaded Blog Project (JBP) recently passed 2000 followers (Yay!! One Goal Struck Off The List!!) & I would like to say thank you.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schdeule to read my posts. For leaving positive comments and feedback both on the blog & via my social media platforms. They keep me going and your encouragement is something of immeasurable value to me.

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Attending Events: Your Younger Self Vs Your Older Self


Younger Self: Any party is fair game. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the celebrant(s). Doesn’t matter what time the event is supposed to start, you’ll be there whenever you choose to show up. You could even show up at the last minute & still find a way to turn up, because you’re part of the ‘Party All Night‘ gang.

Older Self: If you’re not notified about the event weeks in advance, you’re not going anywhere. You have to know the celebrant(s). You’ve already decided the times you’re arriving and leaving. You probably won’t even spend that long at the event because you want to go home as soon as possible.

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How To Spot A First Time Baller

Money is sweet. Those who’ve always had it sometimes take it for granted. For those that just came into a large ass sum of money for the first time in their lives, there are certain signs you can use to pick them out.


First, replace your accent. The only acceptable accents would be an American one or a British one. Next to go? Your name. Chukwuma is dead, you will now be reborn as Damien. Damien Eze. Dammy for short. Mama Put stalls are now beneath you, it’ll be expensive restaurants and lounges from now on. Now how would you like your drink sir? Shaken Not Stirred? Excellent choice. And your car? Scrap that economic Nissan for a bright red Maserati. You deserve it.

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