My Top 4 Worst Movies Of 2020

Each and everyone of us has that particular movie that we just love to hate. In my case, I’ve got four; all wonderfully bad, downright laughable and an utter waste of time (I still recommend you watch them though. They’re amusing at best). Because I’m such a wonderful person (No I’m not. I simply refuse to suffer through these alone. I wasted precious data and hours of my life that I will never get back), you all will be subjected to short rants outlining my qualms about each movie. Let’s begin.

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6 Signs That You’re A Shopaholic

1. ANYTHING TRIGGERS YOUR SHOPPING INSTINCT. Heartbreak, going to a new restaurant, even funerals, it doesn’t matter; you need a new outfit for every occasion. I daresay you value your purchases a lot more than you value the people around you. Who needs wholesome relationships? A relationship can’t keep you dry during a rainy day the way a Chanel umbrella would. Priorities.

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7 Stupid Mistakes People Make In Horror Movies

One finds it easy to lose their self in horror films. But if you watch closely, you’ll find that certain deaths and accidents could have been avoided if characters didn’t make certain mistakes.


You’re obviously alone at home, at night, & you start to hear a scraping sound coming from the back of the house. What do you do? Oyibo people will form brave and brandish a flash light, just to go trapezing around in the dark to discover the source of the noise. We know better. Me, I won’t even wait for the noise to finish. I’m already out the door with my phone & wallet. It’s not me that you’ll kill. The police can handle this one.

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Disney Princesses &Their Quirks

To qualify as a Disney Princess, there are some requirements that would need to be met. The ability to sing on que, to talk to animals, to be fashionably well kept at all times & to hunt for a man *cough* I mean, to find your one true love aka your prince charming. I think there are about 15 Disney Princesses in total, but I’m only going to touch briefly on a few of my favourites.

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A Movie Review: Mulan 2020 (The Live Action)

This will be my 1st review and I would like to thank my friend Chuka for suggesting the idea. Honestly, as a child, I loved the 1998 Disney animated version of Mulan. I can still recite the whole movie from top to bottom. I loved the songs, the work they put in behind the scenes, the actors & the characters. And most of all, I loved the moral of the story: No Matter Who Or What You Are, You Can Achieve A Lot With Hardwork, Dedication & Love. The 2020 version had NONE of this. They changed so much in an attempt to placate one target audience that they ended up losing the attention of a lot others. I was going to do a scene by scene breakdown initially, but I changed my mind because of 2 reasons:

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